The mushroom fighter

The mushroom fighters is an american Show creatd by jericho roundtree Aired first in 12,31,2012 but they it was new year day,the show was later first aired on 1,13,2013 .

Overview Edit

The show is an crossover between Mario bros and Dragon ball and sonic and Kirby and invader zim and the legend of zelda so that makes it an Mega crossover,The mushroom fighters is an team with as their leader,goku as their strongest team mate,and toad as their brains behind the team.

Main chararctersEdit

-Luigi maron mario(Charles martinet )Luigi is the leader of the mushroom fighters,Luigi is dim-witted short term memory,Luigi is a taking cedit guy,Luigi is Mario younger less intelleint and,he loves to eat Candy and rarely brushes his teeth,Luigi sometimes uses his Breath as an weapon so watch out!for more about luigi click Here

-Goku Slient son(Sean schemmel)Goku is the tough one of the group,Goku is Kind-Hearted and good-Sprited,goku loves to fight and sometimes Dance,Goku is very unintellinet like he is from another planet,and goku is kind to even the most cruelest of people,weird huh?!Click Here

-Toad pairs(Jen taylor)Toad is the brains behind the Team and the only one who wears a hat,Toad is good-sprited kind and friendly,Toad loves to invent thing he is mostly seen making Tools or stuff Like time mahine or something,toad is Very exited to be an hero or alies,plus he's the only member of the mushroom fighters to go to collage!Click Here

-Mario lufin Mario(Charles marinet)Mario is luigi's an two iches shorter Smart brother,Mario is very repondable for luigi and He's mostly seen being Injured by him,Mario is an great guy,Mario is goku's best friend,Mario loves to fix thing because he's half plumber!Click here

-Chichi son(Cynthia cranz)Chichi is goku's wife and Their mentor She is bossy and short 'Here

Supporting chararctersEdit

-Sonic the hedgehog(Roger craig smith)Sonic is an Hedgehog and mario's second best friend,sonic is enegic and impaient,Sonic loves chil dogs and toast,Sonic loves to race to show that he's Faster than YOU!

-Kirby(Makiko Omoto)Kirby is an Pink blob from the planetpop,Kirby is an Exited chararcter.