Nintendo Altar

The Nintendo Altar the biggest altar in the game

Altars are the circled areas that they a team Extra points,and buffs a team if they capture it,usually altar will be capture after 3-6 seconds of standing on it.

Altar RushEdit

At the start of the game,Players usually run to the nintendo altar that give the team 20+ points,usually ends up a in a chaotic fight for it.

List of AltarsEdit

  • Nintendo Altar: The biggest altar,in the middle of every arena,give the team 20+ points,and a armor and shield buff.
  • Bowser Altar:Give a team stronger attack damage for  5 seconds,and also give the team 5+ points.
  • Dragon Ball Altar:The 7 dragon balls give the team a good chance of critical damaging,and also give the team 10+ points.
  • Mushroom Altar: Regenerates a team for the next 6 seconds,and gives team 4+ points.
  • Star Altar: The team that captured it gets a Big Koopa for there team [But  it only helps the one who captured this altar,and give a 5+ points



  • The Star Altar is one of the most popular altars.
  • Altars help the team for 5-10 seconds.