Bowser Jr
Bowser jr v 2 by tails19950-d4iqc2x
Bowser jr's artwork in the series.
Vital statistics
Position Bowser's youngest and most loyal son
Age 8
Physical attributes
Height 4.7
Weight 65 pounds
Alias/Nicknames Annoying Brat Vegeta
Allies: Bowser



Kid Trunks

Goku [Sometimes]

Enemies: Goku [Sometimes]




Ludwig [Brother]]

Family: Bowser [Father]

Iggy [Brother]

Wendy [Sister]

Roy [Brother]

Ludwig [Brother]

Lemmy [Brother]

Larry [Brother]

Likes: Being evil with his dad

Revenge on Mario

Dislikes Unknown
Debut The begin

Bowser JrEdit

Bowser jr is a major character in the series,he supports His Father with trying to take over the mario universe.


Bowser Jr. inherited his father's bad attitude, evident in his motto ("Grin and bear it. When that don't work, grin and crush it."). He is also bratty and spoiled yet revealed to be lonely, and wants to help his dad and "play hero", as said by Bowser

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bowser Jr. shares many physical similarities with his father, with the main differences being a red ponytail as opposed to Bowser's mane, small black beady eyes, a more rounded snout, and a single sharp tooth visible in his mouth—features which, along with his body shape, make him look almost identical to Bowser himself at a younger age. He wears a kerchief constantly. It was originally a drawing of Mario's distinctive nose and mustache, but it was later replaced with a set of sharp teeth, which he puts over his real ones to look more intimidating.

Bowser Jr's Powers & AblitiesEdit

Like his father, Bowser Jr. can breathe fire and is physically powerful in spite of his small fram


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  • According to the official Mario Power Tennis website, it says Bowser Jr. lives on 48 Lava Cul-De-Sac, Magma Manor.