Chichi's resturant appears in The begin,it's is a popular resturant with many customers,the resturant itself
Chichi's resturant
was mention in Pie bros by Chichi.

Known customersEdit








  • The resturant was thought to be destoryed on one episode.
  • Are is a list of things that can be seen on the list:
  • Burger 3.50$
  • Fries 20 cents
  • Pizza 2.50$
  • Chesse burger 2.00
  • Big mushroom burger 5.74$
  • Happy burger 2.20$
  • Mushroom pie 1.70$
  • Cherry 2.10$
  • Veggie burger 3.5 0$
  • Mushroom 1.00$
  • Big Pizza 5.50$
  • Ice cream 1.75$
  • On some episodes pan is the waiter.
  • Goku actally did eat some of luigi's fries when he wasn't looking.

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