Flyers spyers is a clip aired after Pie bros.

Flyers spyers

Vital statistics
Written by Sean schemmel
Storybroad by Cynthia Cranz
Directed by Jericho roundtree
Aired date Same as Pie bros
Also aired Same as pie bros


The gang sees why shadow knows about alot of thing about people.


To be edited.


To see the transcript click here



  • If One is proven to might be smartier than toad,he might get alittle jealous
  • This is the second  Time that their spy names are featured in the show the first was The begin.
  • This marks shadow's first appearance in the series
  • Goku reveals that luigi names for thing are stupid but the mushroom fighters names.
  • This is also shadow's first major role in the show.
  • Toad indeed does have a lab.

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