[Goku with boxing gloves on his hands].

Goku:And goku counters with a punch,and the the champion trys to hit him then he gets punched,and roundhouse kick![Roundhouse kicks]Then 1,2,3,He's the champion[Holds a paper plate with a belt to it]and i'm the champion!

Luigi:Did You make breakfest?


Toad:[near a toy robot moving around]About 13 dollars,and it's customized by me![The robot falls off the table and breaks]Minus that!

Luigi:[Toad picks up another robot then luigi walks to him and scares him an he drops the robot]HEY TOAD!

Toad:[Scared]I told you not  to scare me like that!

Goku:Boxing gloves,5 dollars,Tv,9,dollars,[Picking luigi on his table]Luigi,15,dollars!

Luigi:Hey i'm not going to be sold to some moron,And maybe some girl[Purrs].

Toad:[Under breath]Not going to happen.


Toad:Nothing,just clearing my throat [Clears throat].

Goku:A another video game,13 dollars,Chichi's hat,10 dollars and the table,Uuhh,What's after 20 dollars?


[Goku throws the table that suppose to be holding everything up on top of the pile].

Goku:Okay[Goku's things begins to fall],AAAHH,!$Then we all fall down$[The thing falls on goku].

Luigi:[Holding a rubber chicken]This is my rubber chicken figure,i'm selling 55 bucks for this thing.

Toad:50 dollars!?,It's cost at least 3 dollars and 55 cent at the Joker's prank store,and you need to make a fair depfix.

Luigi:And no one want to buy  broken tiny robot.

Toad:It broke it self!

Goku:[Getting up]I little help?

Toad:Hold it goku,[Holding a old picture of luigi with a buck-tooth]And this picture hardly worth anything.

Luigi:That was when i was a nerd,[Flexs his muscles]Now i'm cool[Walks to goku and punch him]And now goku is hurt!

Goku:That was lame![cracks his knuckles]Now let me try.


[Goku punches luigi to the other side of the garage and he flys out of the garage and into the driveway].

Toad:Nice hit!

[Goten pokes luigi with a stick he begins to get up].

Chichi:I think his breathing.

Luigi:[Trys to take the rubber mallet from goten]Hey,You didn't pay for it!

Goten:[Stole it away from him]I don't want your another rubber mallet a brought this at shadow's garage sale for a dollar![Points to shadow].


[Goku.toad,and luigi walk into shadow's garage sale].

Toad:I think shadow is giving us a friendly Competition!Edit

Goku:How friendly!

Luigi:Ours is better.

Gohan:[Making a bet]5 dollars.


Gohan:No more than 25.

Shadow:Can we go in half like 15?

Gohan:[Thinking]hmm........okay what the heck,Sure![Shakes his hands with shadow].

Shadow:Glad we maded a deal!

Gohan:Not bad but you are very weak,we could have went to 120 dollars for this mini grandfather clock.

Luigi:did you see that?,he could have score 100 bucks.

Goku:Gohan's a tricky dealer.

Toad:Wow impressive!

Furture Trunks:How much for this robotic glove?

Shadow:[Eating grapes] 30 dollars take it or leave it!

Furture Trunks:Ok [Toss the roll of money to Shadow] 

Kid Trunks:Look what i found!

Shadow:Doesn't kid trunk want one?

Kid Trunks:How did you know?

Luigi:[Turning to his friends] How did he know?

Goku:[Shrugs]  I dunno Lucky guess.

Toad:Could be an instinct or like goku said lucky guess!

Goku:[Walks to shadow] Hey shadow did you know my-.

Shadow:Your real name is karakot and your favorite sport is wrestling. [Walks away].

Goku:[Drops his jaw] Huh?

Luigi:What......the.......heck?,How could he know that?

Toad:Vegeta possibly tolded him!

Shadow:Bye Weegee,frog,and carrot

Goku:How he knew our nicknames?

Luigi:If he knew that he is smart then toad!

Toad:[Angry] Oh he does think that do he?,Shall we investigate?

Goku:Come on guys,let's go investi-whatever.

Luigi:Come on-,What that's my line.


[They arrive at the backyard of toad's house].

Luigi:What are we going do?,Collect a mushroom,fire flower,or hammer bros?

Toad:That's was the old time.

Goku:Can We get pizza on the way?


[Toad Types in the secret code,a hole in the ground appears]

Luigi:[Looks down the hole] Are we jumping down?

Toad:No [A platform zooms up] we're going down from here.

[Goku,Luigi,and Toad Walk on the platform the platform slides down to toad's lair]

Goku:[Looks around]Oooh,nice.

[Toad types in another code,a door open]

Toad:[Walks in] Welcome to my underground weapon/spy gadget room.

Luigi:[Looks at the pink flower]Oooh,i call that!

Toad:No! [Tackles luigi] Don't just touch things!

Luigi:But i want that pink flower,is it rare?

Toad:Very,and it's not just a rare flower,it's a Powder dust flower,why if just one lick or bite it will--

[Luigi Grabs the flower and trys to eat it,toad grabs the flower out of luigi's grip]

Toad:Do you want it to explode!?

Goku:[Off Screen] Look what i found!

Luigi:Whatever it is,i call dibs!

Goku:[Hands a rainbow hat] It's just a hat.

Luigi:You can have it,i already got 1,000 of those.

Toad:But it's not just a hat [Toad puts it on goku's head]

Goku:[Looks around] Nothing happen.

Toad:Look at your arm.

[Goku look,his hand is invisible]


Toad:It's a Camoflaging hat that anything you touch,it camoflages.

Luigi:[Looks at the black suits]Oh,what do these do?

Toad:Those are just suits.

[Toad hands luigi a black suit and a plastic flower]

Luigi:What's with the fake flower?

Toad:It has a tiny camera that has a voice clip so we can hear,also it makes you look stunning.


[The 3 walk out the lair]

[The scene starts again]

Goku:Ok,so what's the plan?

Toad:We'll go to shadow's Party and there's trunks,goku you distract him!

Goku:Got it!

[Toad and luigi run to the bushes]

Kid Trunks:Men,this is going to be good

Goku:Uh,Hey trunks,nice weather isn't for a party?

Kid Trunks:Yeah,and  have you seen goten,lately?

Goku:Oh,uh,nope,I think he went somewhere with gohan.

[Behind the bushes,luigi ties up a blindfolded,Sleeping goten].

Kid Trunks:Oh ok,well when he comes back,tell him I'll see you at the party ok?

Goku:Ok,Bye have fun.

[Trunks walks pass goku,goku activates his walkie talkie watch].

Goku:Agent T,I repeat Agent T,Tree Trunks has left the area,I repeat Tree trunks has left the area.

Toad:[Taps goku on the back]Uh,I'm right next to you.


Toad:Perfect now let's go Mr.L to help us.

[Luigi Picks up goten].

Luigi:What's next?,Who's next?