Furture trunks
Trunks in the series.
Vital statistics
Position Vegeta's son from the furture.
Age 17
Physical attributes
Height 5.8
Weight 120 pounds
Alias/Nicknames Unknown
Allies: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Debut Unknown

Furture trunks

Furture trunks is  an secondery chararcter he is from the furture 32 years from now he was appeared on he's debut of the show The begin where he was came here from vegeta.


Trunks has Blue hair and a blue capule cop jacket,he has a sword with him on he's every appearnce,he has a blue-orange belt and black t-shirt,he also has a black pants and white shoes.


Furture trunks is mainly intelligent ,smart,and calm,He is the least imature between His father and His past self,Trunks loves to inventing and being creative over his inventions,He is high manner and calm,he is also brave and dependible.


The begin

He appeared briefly when vegeta summom him from a teleporter.

How to build a house

He was seen briefly on at the end of the episode.

The night of the living bowser

He was a major role of vegeta and kid trunks choosing what team they should be called.

Pie bros

With Kid trunks celebrating gohan's birthday.



To be added.


  • Furture trunks is the sixth inventor to appear in the show the first being toad the second was bowser the third was bowser jr the fouth was mario the fifth was bulma.
  • Vegeta tolded him that on his furture self told him to do it.
  • Furture trunks is the tallest member of the group vegeta and kid trunks.
  • Furture trunks can speak 23 languarges.
  • Furture trunks learn some martial arts  from bulma.
  • Furture trunks is the first ever furture chararcter to appear in the show.
  • Furture trunks is the only mature one between vegeta and kid trunks.