Iggy koopa
Iggy's Artwork in the show.
Vital statistics
Position Bowser's fouth child
Age 12
Physical attributes
Height 5.4
Weight 90 Pounds
Alias/Nicknames Unknown
Allies: Lemmy Koopa



Bowser Jr

Enemies: Tatanga [Sometimes]





Family: Koopalings [Siblings]

Bowser [Father]

Bowser Jr [Younger Brother]

Likes: Inventing


Dislikes Unknown
Debut Unknown
 Iggy Koopa  is one of the seven Koopalings children. His shell and hair color varies in some games. He wears glasses and has hair similar to Larry's and Lemmy's. In some games he is seen breathing flame. He is stated to be the middle aged child of the Koopalings


The artwork for Super Mario Bros. 3 portrayed Iggy with blue ringed eyes, but some later depictions (including the artwork ofSuper Mario World) show him with eyes that are swirls instead, possibly to indicate his eccentric personality (this is a common anime/manga convention for eccentrics). Incidentally, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga used the original eye design. Iggy is responsible for inventing the robots that the Koopalings use inYoshi’s Safari. His skills as an inventor are also on display in theNintendo Adventure Books based on the games.[1][2] Additionally, in the PC edition of Mario is Missing, Iggy was shown to speak completely in rhyme.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He has always been the tallest of the Koopalings in the original games, but it was not until NSMBW that he gained his "lanky" look. In Super Mario World he had strange, swirly eyes beneath his thick glasses, but in most games his eyes irisis' are departed from his pupils (both styles may be due to his insane nature, or may be due to emotions). His hair was originally a rainbow mohawk, much like his brother Lemmy.

Personality Edit

Little is known about the Koopalings' personalities. Iggy is considered as demented, weak, and exetremely smart. He seems to be your typical mad scientist character, as he laughs maniacally.


Iggy voice has only heard in The begin and bowser ask him to send him a chain chomp but after that failed once,iggy desided to send another one but the first chomp started to have a fight with the second one,iggy also appeared in How to build a house with his father bowser and bowser jr and roy and wendy,iggy fighted toad in a duel but after luigi maked another airship crash into the airship toad and iggy was fighting in iggy escape with a jet pack,leaving toad and luigi left,after the ship exploded toad and luigi had to jump toad saved them by making his hat a parachute.



Triva Edit

  • Iggy is the first character to have a jetpack in the series,the second will be Tatanga.
  • Iggy will appear in Pie bros.
  • In the begin iggy sended a second chain chomp to distract goku and luigi from getting to the captured mario.
  • Iggy has no skill expect his intelligence.