The koopa brothers
THe series koopa bros
The koopa bros in the series
Vital statistics
Position Recurring villains
Age 18[Red],16[Black],15[Green],17[Yellow]
Physical attributes
Height All 4.12 but black 5.2
Weight Red 104,Black 112,Green 102,Yellow 98
Alias/Nicknames Unknown
Allies: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Debut Unknown

The Koopa brother are recurring characters and supporting antagonist,They first appear in Here comes the koopa bros!.


Red has a red bananda and a mask with it and a red shell and red boots,Black has a black bananda and a mask with it and a black shell with black boots,Green has a green  bananda and a mask,and a green shell and green boots,yellow has a yellow bananda and a mask as well,and yellow shell and boots.


Red is quite energetic and playful and trustful,Black is intelligent,helpful,Green is subborn,rude and ungrateful,Yellow is cowardful good-natured and boring.


To be added.


  • Red real name is jeff,black's name is bernie,Green's Lucaro,And Yellow is Nelson reveal in Their debut.
  • Red is the leader,Black is the brains,and Green is the Muscle,and Yellow is the good one.
  • Black thinks his smarter than toad.
  • Red is just as strong as luigi.
  • Yellow is choosing to be friendly to the heroes.