Koopalings, New Super Mario Bros. U
The Koopalings (better known as the Koopa Kids) are seven minions and Kids of Bowser, They Appear as Recurring Antagonists, The koopalings appeared in How To Build A HousePie Bros (Only Wendy & Iggy), and Yoshi Island Trouble! In addition to these appearences, They have a Major role in Yoshi Island Trouble!


The Koopalings are listed below in order from what is possibly, but not confirmed, to be their birth orders from youngest to oldest:

​Birth OrdersEdit

Larry is the youngest, he is 8. Morton is the 2nd Youngest, He is 9, Wendy is the 3rd Youngest, She's 10. Iggy is the 4th Oldest, His 12. Roy is the 3rd Oldest, His 13. Lemmy is the 2nd Oldest, His 14. And Ludwig is the Oldest, His 17.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit


He is they're father, they pretty much love him, They're extremely loyal to him.

Bowser JrEdit

His they're younger brother, They are not really shown to have a relationship with him, but Wendy & Roy are jealous of him because bowser seems to pay more attention to him, Ludwig just plain down hates him.


Mario is they're nemesis, mario always stop them.


  • In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. Their cartoon names are Bully (Roy), Kootie Pie (Wendy), Kooky (Ludwig), Hip (Lemmy), Hop (Iggy), Big Mouth (Morton), and Cheatsy (Larry).
  • They all has different nicknames for bowser: larry's is "King dad",  Morton is "Mr. Dad", Wendy is "Daddy" or "Daddykins", Iggy is also "King Dad", Roy is "Dad", Lemmy's "King Dad", And Ludwig's is "Father".