Here are all of goku's power featured in this show and dbz.


Flight:Goku can easily fly with no use of ki.

Teleport:Goku can teleport in the air in a matter of few second with thoughts.

Eye seeing:Goku can see very far from places he is.                                      
Goku flying with nimbus

Speed fly:Goku moves around very fast to confuse the enemy.

Speeder quick:Goku can ran right though some while being almost hitted.

Quick attacksEdit

Speed:Goku can fly in about 109,432 miles in limit.

Instant Transmission:Goku use he's mind to teleport where ever he wishes inorder to escape from places.

Quick attack:Goku will punch or kick slow moving enemies with them even looking.

Upper head:Goku can jump up in and hit a villain in with he's head.[Note:This attack can only be used if a villain is taller than goku].

Killswitch:goku can take fast air and knock down an oportant.

Flying tornado kick:Goku kick in the air in a 360 route similar to ryu from street fighters.

Uppercut:Goku can punch a enemy in the chin sending them to fall.

Seeing Dodge:Goku can dodge a attack before it takes affect.

Dodge:Goku can dodge on weak opportant's attacks.

Special attacksEdit

Kamehameha!:Goku signature special attack used to finish villains.