Gouk walking

Aired:in the movie[Usa]and on tv 14,janury,2013 Aired:Janury13,2013

Meet goku is an Clip on the new movie the mushroom fighters:The first fifhteen episodes,it was aired on janury 13,2013 and aired on canada 14,2013.



King wingbag[Main and narrator]


The clip begins with goku walking and wingbag walking about him from all of this years,Goku notices him and says ha to him,king windbag tells him he's an idot,goku knocks down,then goku notices the camra again and ask it to give him a minute and he uses the minute to beat up king windbag.




Too be added.


  • This marks the first time goku beats up a a human in the series.
  • This is the second meet a chararcter clip.

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