Meet toad is an Clips from the movie the mushroom fighters the first fifthteen episodes,it was aired on  tv janury 13.2013.


  • Toad
  • Kingwindbag
  • Toadette


The clip starts with Toad Sitting daydreaming,Kingwindbag Yells at him to get he's attention,toad waves and asked him what can he do for him,Toad ask toadtte what is he for,Toadtte replys to him being the Narrator,toad and toadtte toad,king windbag forgets him and go to Chichi instand.


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Too be added.


  • Kingwindbag dislikes toad even if peach likes him.
  • This is the Third meet a chararcter clip.
  • This is the first clip to have three chararcters in it. 

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