The rules not to do,and you can do and you much read these rules before doing anything,or editing anything or do anything but read this first that means to all users in this whole wiki,inluding admins or chat modes.


When editing do not do these few things

  1. You can edit Just about anything without permission
  2. Editing someone's else message or blog can get you a first waring to second a threat and third then block for the rest of the day.
  3. DON'T erase anything you may change it,if a admin sees something missing you may be blocked for at  least a few days
  4. You can change anything but don't erase an entire headline.


Chatting is also a danger of block or disfriendship.

  1. Use inside voice no more than 5 captial words in a message.
  2. Lieing can cause block for week or stripped from power.
  3. Sexual themes in chat can be very serve to a long block to almost forever.
  4. Talking back to a admin or chat moder can get kicked or banned from chat room.


Creating can sometimes be creative or helpful to a wiki.

  1. Creating a any sexual things can cause blocked or erase page.
  2. There is no talking about other users or threathing the wiki if so up to 1 month or week of block.
  3. If there is a ruin pages tell a local admin or the founder about it.
  4. There is no war between another wiki so don't create a page about this wiki or another.
  5. Making a page with cursing can also be serve.

Making a blogEdit

Blog can be creative or other wise.

  1. No talking about another wiki
  2. You can make a blog creative
  3. If a blog is threathing users make sure it's erased.
  4. Hurting someone's feeling can cause you blocked or erased blogs

Well i guess you all got that done so that's all and remember these rule to all users in this wiki