This is a backpack,from super mario world,it's bested used for Mario  or Pan .

Fire flower

Backpack ItemsEdit

       Fire Flower -Burn out your enemies as you use mario's most commonly used item.

  • Attack Damage (35/45/55/75),
  • Attack Range (1/10/32/45)

  Mario's Cape - Great for chasing or escaping.

  • Shield (25/75/100/150)
  • Speed (
  • Critical Chance (20%,30%,50%,75%)

  Blue Koopa Shell - Be harder to defeat with a koopa's spikey shell!

  • Armor (45/76/93/105)
  • Health (25/75/125/150)

  Mario's hat - Wear mario's awesome hat,and be just like him!

  • Regenerate (15/25/43/55)
  • Health (10/20/40/50)
  • Cooldown Reduction (3%/5%/8%/10%)

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