[The episode begins with an over head shot of the mushroom kingdom castle slowy coming back now the screen shows goku and toad watching tv when luigi is fasted asleep].

Goku:[Yawns]I'm boried.

Toad:[Begins to change the channel with the remote]Me too.

Goku:What can we do to stop bring boried?

Toad:[Puts his finger on his mouth]May we can play football,but don't tackle me too hard.

Goku:Sure,[Luigi yawns and wakes up]Hello sleepy head!

Luigi:Five more minutes mom.

[Luigi begins to fall asleep again].

Goku:I'm not your mom,but i bet she's a great mother.

Toad:She died eight years ago.

Goku:On what?

Toad:i'm not sure.

Goku:Oh i'm sorry luigi.

Luigi:Go away!

Toad:I guess luigi's brain is very boried,on a good reason.

Goku:Chichi!Can you come over here?[Chichi walks in the room]Oh there you are.

Chichi:What is it?                             

Goku:Could you wake up luigi for me?

Chichi:Sure Goky.

Luigi:[In his thoughts]Butter toast,[Chichi hits luigi with a frying pan in his ribs]Ow what was that for old lady[Chichi hits luigi with it again]Ow What was That For?

Chichi:One you should have woke up when goku told you,And two NEVER CALL ME OLD LADY EVER AGAIN!

Luigi:Did you had hit me with a frying pan?

Chichi:Yes,yes i had too.

[Luigi and chichi stare at each other].

Luigi:You can leave!

Chichi:[Yelling]I can leave when i  want!

Goku:Okay this is awkward.

Toad:Very very Very ver very-.

Goku:Ok i think we got the point.

Chichi:Fine if you want me to leave then fine!







Luigi:That's it[Jumps on the table].

Chichi:Oh yeah you think you can do anything shorty!

Luigi:Shorty,That's it![Luigi runs toward chichi but goku step infront of chichi and luigi jump into goku's shoulders]Put me down goku!

Goku:I'm keeping you off hitting someone.

Chichi:Oh please he's so little anyone can knock him out!

Goku:No i met keeping chichi off hitting you luigi!

Toad:Okay chichi let's not get too Angry toward luigi or there will be be touble on both you.

Chichi:Fine if you want me to leave so bad,Grrr![Exit the room]Plumbers,the next time i see i plumber i'm going to slap him!

Mario:Hey chichi.

[Slaps him]

Chichi:Because of my jobless Husband and that stupid little toad,And your stupid little dumb brother!

Goku:Hey,wait half of that is true.

Toad:I'm not stupid,but i'm a little small.

Chichi:Stay out of this goku and toad or i'll come in there in hit you with this pan!

Mario:Did that make you happy?

Chichi:Yes![breath hard and calms down]And now i feel better.

Mario:[Walks into the living room while holding his cheek]Ouch!What's her problem?

Goku:Luigi called her a old lady.

Toad:And about to hit her.

Mario:Well okay if someone needs me i'll be putting prockside and ice bag on my cheek at home.

[Walks out the room].

Toad:she should have toke her anger when a wall or something.

Luigi:Finally,he left

Toad:What Do you mean,finally he left.

Luigi:Because his annoying

Goku:He's not that annoying.

Toad:He helps you with just about everything

Goku:This reminds me of last tme when we was at the park,then bowser turn gohan little.

Luigi:[In his throughts]The smartest,The strongest,The leader.

[Goku and toad keep talking while luigi is still thinking

Luigi:I have an idea!

Goku:An idea.

Toad:Please tell me that it's not about killing your brother!

Luigi:Since toad said that he is the smartest out of both me and goku,And goku said that he is strongest out of me and toad and that i said i i would be a great leader!

Toad:Where are you going with this?

Luigi:We should be a team!

Goku:A little gang,a little partnership?


Toad:Okay but only if we can have spy names.


Toad:Since we get code name i would like to be called.

Luigi:Agent t!

Toad:Agent T?

Goku:I like that.

Toad:Well i was think of something like the professor,or the brain!

Luigi:Well that's lame

Goku:And my Name?

Luigi:Goku you well be called.


Luigi:Mr.eats alot

Goku:How about mr.hunger!

Toad and luigi:Great name.

Luigi:And i will be called the luke.


Luigi:Yes luke.

Toad:Luke why that's-

Luigi:Well i don't judge you the brain.

Toad:I wasn't judging you i justed said that it was silly .

Luigi:Let's get new outfits

Toad:You know so villians won't notice us.


Luigi:First person up stairs is the winner.


[They run up stairs]!

[After the Running up stairs everyone expect goku is tired and sweaty].

Goku:That was easy!

Luigi:How can you beat me?

Toad:He's than training before we was born.

Luigi:You suck!

Toad:I'm not lame!

Gohan:Hey dad,Hey toad,hello luigi

All:Hey gohan!

Toad:So now here we are so what do we do now?


Goku:Where do we get new outfits

Luigi:Oh yeah!To that room that says closet[They walks to the door]Now all we need is a key.

Goku:[looks down and sees no mat]Oh yeah i forgot only front house doors have welcome mats.

Luigi:No this key,[Puts a mushroom shaped key out of his pocket and opens the door],There we go!

[Luigi opens the door revealing a room with a piles of clothes on the floor].


Toad:I have never been in this room ever!

Luigi:Here are clothes that are here for years.

Goku:Are there clothes in my size?

Luigi:Yeah Thousands of clothes,thousands of sizes.


Goku:[Walks to a pile of clothes]Hey i like this orange hood,[Sees chichi walking in the hallway]Hey chichi could you sew this to my gear?


Goku:We Are making a team!

Chichi:Okay,justed let me get my sewing kit.

Luigi:Junk,More junk,Even more junk,More than more junk.

Toad:Hey watch where your throwing those[g'ets hit by a dirthy boot]Ow Hey where did you find this?

Luigi:Oh i find it well me and mario was fishing i keeped it.

Toad:Gross EWWWW![Throws the boot out and hits it to the wall then strays air freshner around him]Disgusting!

Luigi:[Picks up the boot and stiffs it]Out dated.

[Luigi throws the boot out the window and the screen shows vegeta walking out the door].

Vegeta:[on the phone]Yeah yeah i'll get the milk soon now quit making me angy![Gets hit by the boot]OW!my head,My phone that's a four-hundred coin phone it's not repairable Who the heck threw it!

Goku:That sounds like vegeta outside,[Runs to the window]Hey vegetaaaaaa!

Vegeta:Kararkot you threw that?Oh when i get my hands on you!

Goku:Threw what?

[Vegeta shows goku the boot]

Goku:No i didn't


Goku:I'm serious don't know what Your talking about.


[Vegeta runs away].

Goku:Jeez,what's vegeta angry about?

Luigi:I don't know,let's find a mission in twenty minutes.

Chichi:[sighs]Okay but you need to do me a solid after this.


[The sene Says 20 mintues later and luigi has the same clothes but with a water gun and some marbal balls in his pocket].

Luigi:Ha i look like a cop but with other things!Hey guys hurry up!

Toad:[With a a tool belt and a mirco mirror]Here i'm am!

Luigi:You look like shormlockhomes![laughs].

Toad:Well i don't  look like a kid cop!

Goku:[With a black suit on and a black hood]Hey guys!

Luigi:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH A NinjA![Begins to hurt goku with an cane]Take that and that and some of this!

Goku:[Holds the cane from luigi]Stop it!

Luigi:Give me back my cane you black clothes jerk

u:No you don't understand[Takes off the hood]It's me goku!

Toad:It's what i was about to say.

Luigi:So you was not a ninja?

Goku:Nop i'm just simple ailen me.

Toad:Where did you get that cane from?

Luigi:When i get old.

Goku:That's a long time from now.

Luigi:I just want to get started just in case i get old and stupid.


Luigi:Yes really now go![Runs out of the hallway into the bathroom].

Toad:But he's already stupid.

Goku:But not old remember not old.

Toad:True not old,Luigi That's not the stairs!

Luigi:[From the bathroom]I know that!

Goku:So how about this weather?

Toad:It's supposed to be rainning on tuesday.


Luigi:[frushing]Now to wash my hands!

Toad:Please hurry up!

Luigi:Don't rush me!

Goku:Can someone hurry!

Luigi:[Comes out]Alright to down stairs.

[Luigi push toad down the stairs].

[Commrail break]

In mario's house

Goku:Wow that was lame and empressing.

Toad:I know they laugh at our clothes.

Luigi:Quit commplaining!Now we need to find old man mario's house.

Goku:He's thirdy,i'm fifthy.

Luigi:Shut up!I'm trying to listen.

Toad:[sighs]Can this get faster?

Goku:[Points to mario's house]He's house is on the left side of the nieghborhood.

Toad:What you know your left and right?

Goku:Yeah chichi told me about that thirdy years ago.

Luigi:Wait go There.

[Runs to a house].

Luigi:We got to mario's house.


Luigi:Now let's rob him!

Goku:But then your just.

Luigi:Stop thinking goku since your the stupid one it will mess up your brain!

Toad:You do reallvies that your robbing your own house.

Luigi:So,what's your point?

Toad:Never mind.

Goku:Just call mario to come here.

Luig:Hey that's a great idea.

Goku:Now call him on your phone and tell him that you left your keys in the house.

Luigi:What keys.

Toad:The keys that we need to open the door.

Goku:So you mean that we're not looking for your keys on the pors?

Luigi:No we're looking for a tunnel i digged up years ago i was waiting for people to help me.

Toad:That's crazy it's your house too,Since you live here.

Goku:Let's just go in the backyard.

Luigi:Good idea![Runs to the backyard].

Gokuandtoad[Sighs]Fine[walks to the backyard].

Luigi:Now i'm going to sream.

Toad:How loud actally ?

Luigi:[Takes a deep breath]HEYVMARIO I NEED YOU!

Goku:AAAAAH!my ears i can't hear.


Goku:AAAAAH my ears!

Mario:What's up!

Luigi:I need you.

Mario:What's Wrong with them?

Luigi:Oh i just sceam really loud and they can't hear.

Mario:You broke there eardrums!

Goku:What!who said what?

Toad:Sreak louder!

Mario:[Speak but goku and toad can't hear them]This might hurt alot.

Gokuandtoad:What?[hit them on the ears with a frying pan].

Goku:OW!Hey i can hear again!

Toad:Me too!

Mario:Now let's go eat some[Luigi lifts mario up and throw him in a cannon].


Mario:Luigi what are you doing?

Luigi:Now to push the Big,Green,Button![Push the button sending mario into the sky]Bye bad man[Goku and toad stare at luigi in strock]Why are you staring at me do i have sometime in my teeth?

Goku:You just throw your brother into the sky!

Toad:You need mentiol help!

Luigi:Yeah yeah now let's go to the city!

Goku:I'm now going.

Toad:Well we have to go where ever the leader go.

Luigi:Now goku bend down!

Goku:Fine[bends down]So do i give you a piggyback ride?

Luigi:No you have to give me and toad a ride a the city.

Goku:How i losted my listene to you which is a little cool![Luigi Jumps on goku's back]Ouch careful!

Toad:No thank you i have legs.

Luigi:GET ON!

Toad:Okay fine![Gets on goku's back and they ride off to the city]You didn't have to be so mean!

[Goten and gohan Jumps out of the bushes].

Goten:Did you see how high did luigi threw mario into the air?

Gohan:Yeah that was awesome!

Goten:I bet it was a thousand feet.

Gohan:Can we just go and check what there doing so we can put it on you youtude!


In the city

Goku:So tired.

Toad:Hey here's the resturnat.

Luigi:Let's eat.i

Goku:Ok![Get up].

Goku:Who you think  is the owner,I hope he's nice.

Chichi:[dressed like a chief]hey goku!

Goku:[Get scared]AH!oh hey chichi.

Chichi:So what would you like?

Toad:What you work here?

Chichi:No silly i'm the owner!


Chichi:Didn't you see the chichi's resturant?

Luigi:What your resturant is between two big Buildings?

Chichi:No that's painting,my resturant is next to a small hill and not near two building,It's alone.

Goku:Poor thing it's all alone no friends.

Chichi:So what would you two would like i already know what goku would like.

Goku:You knew me for an long time.

Toad:i'd like a veggie burger please and an medium cup.

Luigi:What are you a vegan?

Toad:No it's healthy.

Luigi:What ever,I like an large burger and an large drink.

Chichi:Okay that would be ready in four minutes.

Luigi:What!four hours are you crazy?!

Chichi:I said four minutes not hours!

Toad:Okay we'll take a table outside.


[Seconds later the screen shows goku stuffing his mouth with food].

Toad:So what mission are we looking for?

Luigi:Oh just an orignal mission like fighting.

Toad:Well we got to look for something special or it's not good for us[looks at goku]Man he can eat.

Goku:So good okay i'm done!

Chichi:Wow that was quick!

Toad:Byechichi see you soon!

Chichi:Okay see you too!

Goku:Bye love you!

Chichi:Love you tooo!

Goku:Well that was refreshing.


Luigi:There's ours crimimal![Runs to an working toad]Got you now your going to prison.

WorkingToad:What do you think your doing?

Toad:Luigi That's not a crime.

Goku:Are you okay?

Luigi:Check his stuff i bet there's a gun.

Toad:Nop all i see is Papers.

Goku:[Holds a sandwich]Plus this is just he lunch.

Workingtoad:See i'm evil stupid[Kick luigi in the knee making him fall]Your horrorable![points to toad]and i suptect more from you[kicks toad]And mostly[Points]to goku i thought you was the real nice one!

Goku:But i'm.

working toad:You really desire to be in jail[Kicks goku].

Goku:Hehehe!that tickles!

Working toad:Stupid jerks[begins mutting to himself].


Luigi:That guy is jerk.

Toad:Kicking an hero for no reason.

Goku:Well he's alittle rude[A loud bang sound is heared]wow what was that!?

Toad:I don't know.

An old toad lady:I think it was one of those's bad guys by the park.

Toad:Thanks lady:

Goku:Thank you for the support!

Luigi:Bye lady!

Old toad lady:Your welcome sony[The old lady turns into bowser!]

Bowser:HA!Morons they fell into my trap!Soon they well feel my fury even if Goku and luigi and Toad are The mushroom fighters i will defeat them alll with my lastest awesome plan now to call iggy![dial numbers]Iggy i need your  help bring my a chain chomp!

Iggy:[on the phone]What kind?

Bowser:You know there's only one type and i chainless chomp!

Iggy:Okay in four minutes i'll see an big box landing to you!

Bowser:Excenllet,Whahahahahaha![Turns into an bird]Fools![Flys away].

In the park

Goku:Wow that was an Nice lady.


Luigi:What ever.

Goku:What the what![Toad and luigi bumps into goku]Sorry.

Toad:Why did you Stop?

Luigi:Move out of the way old man!

Goku:There's a chain chomp over there.[Point to it]and it has mario!

Toad:Oh no mario!


Toad:Luigi it has Your older brother!

Luigi:And why do i care?

Goku:He's more Older.

[bowser return back into himself on top of a building].

Bowser:OHH,i have got to see this!

Goku:Now we need an detecting to lair the chomp into a trap.

Luigi:Or we could throw something.

Toad:But there's nothing to throw.

Luigi:Incorrection[Lifts toad].

Toad:Hey hey hey what are you doing put me down![Throws toad into the chomp]hummmmm nice chompy.



[Chomp chases toad in the background].


Goku:Great now it has toad!

Luigi:I got a plan you throw a rock and get it to chase you while i'll get mario!

Goku:Hey that's an great plan!

Bowser:Oh boo!that's an horrorable plan.

Goku:Am i the only person who can hear that?

Bowser:[Hiding]:Maybe i should be a little more quited.

Toad:Well toad this is the end!

Chomp:RRRRRROOO.[Gets hit with a rock].

Goku:Black fat Price of metal why don't you Chase someone your own speed.


Goku:Oh Not me him[Points to sonic]Sonic the hedgehog!

Sonic:Hey i'm Talking to you price of strap!


Sonic:Ha!i bet you can't Catch me!

Goku:[Whispers]Okay do you got the plan?

Sonic:Yeah i know chase him around alittle then Trick him into Falling in the ocean.

Goku:Perfect now chase him!


[The chomp chases Sonic around the Park].

Sonic:Your too slow!


Bowser:Come on stupid Run faster![Bowser jr throws a popcorn bag]That's an good boy[The popcorn bag Hits the Chomp and the chomp eats it]NOO!

Luigi:[untie mario]There your welcome!

Mario:Well this could never happen if you didn't threw me like a hundred feet in the air.

Luigi:Yeah yeah yeah!

Goku:Mario what happen!

Mario:Well first after Luigi threw me in the sky i[Luigi grabs he's head and throws him into the water].

Sonic:Luigi again!

Toad:Hey guys!

Goku:Your Skin has bite marks on it!

Toad:i know that!

Sonic:After i was chasing the chomp then another chomp Came and attack toad and soon after i mde them bump into each other they started fighting and that's it!See you guy later!

Goku:Bye sonic saw you later!

Toad:Thanks for the help!

Luigi:Bye bye!

[Bowser  appeared in an boom].

Bowser:So you think you can stop my plan well i'll be the judge of that!

Toad:Bowser!What are you doing here?

Bowser:I send that chomp to stop you but you all just make me angry now i'll be back whahaha!

[Bowser Booms again].

Luigi:That was weird.

Toad:Very,so goku what was you about to say?

Goku:Guy we need to talk in on the mushroom bridge.

Goku's speech

Toad:So what's it about goku?

Goku:It's about our team we are i Great team,but we can't do stuff like fighting each other or Backfiring plans,Or Aruging We need  to help one other,We are Famous Heroes[Points to toad]Toad your awesomely a geunis,[Points to luigi]Luigi your i great guy but you need to act like one,I'm know all of this because i was on a team called the z fighters and i was the leader,but know i'm on a i another team and that's awesome so let's be a Great awesome TEAM!

Toad:[blow on an tuisse]That was beautful!

Luigi:Good speech!

Goku:Nice huh?


Luigi:You know what would be funny?If mario came here and beat one of us up!

Mario:Luigi![Tackles him and punchs him]!

Goku:Oh oh oh!

Toad:Stop it mario!

Somewhere in somewhere?

[Showing an dark room with vegeta and kid trunks].

Kid trunks:So Dad why did you toke me out of school for?

Vegeta:You'll see you'll all see!

Kid trunks:See what that your an crazy Dude?

Vegeta:Don't make me choke you![press a button a furture trunks come out of the portal].

Furture trunks:Where the heck i'm i?

Vegeta:In the past stupid!

Furture trunks:Wait didn't  months I warn you about using this!

Vegeta:Soon we well destroy the mushroom fighters!

Furture trunks:Goku,Toad,and luigi?

Vegeta:Yes Soon their be destroyed as our team win whahahaha!

[Episodes ends].