The mushroom fighters theme is the opening theme song of Season one.


Nobody's better than this team

because one,two,three!

Toad!he's the smartest guy we know

Toad:I'm very smart!

Goku! he's the strongest and themost powerfulest team mate!


And finally the leader of the teaaamm Luigi!

Luigi:yeah hey!

Goku:Show off!


Luigi:What ever,hey!where's that guy singing?

???:I'm right here?


Bowser! he's the evilest bad guy we hate!

Chichi! she's bossy and mean all of the time

Chichi:Am not!

Bowser juinor! he's bowser's evil son and he can do anything he wwant!

Bowser Jr:Wahaha!

And that's for now we're really right!


Goku,Toad,and Luigi:We're the mushroom fighters!


  • The singer john custis also voices the theme song of wwe second newest show main event.
  • The creater of this show jericho roundtree joked about having all of the chararcters in the theme song.

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