[The Scene starts the heroes are at toad's house,toad makes bacon]

Goku:[Singing] Making Bacon,Making,Making,Bacon,Making Making Bacon,it's so greasy!

Luigi:You just made that song didn't you?


Toad:Ok Fellows,Bacon's [Toad Trips] WOAH!

[Toad falls,The Frying pan goes up in the air,A strip of bacon Flys on goku's forehead]

Luigi:[On his phone texting]So are we having bacon from goku?

[The Frying Pan almost hits luigi].

Goku:Yummy Bacon! [Goku use his tongue to slide the bacon into his mouth].

Toad:[Gets up] Ugh,how did i-

[Toad looks down,The Gallon of milk is spilling on the floor]

Toad:Spilled milk?

Goku:[Mouth fill of bacon] Wasn't me.

Luigi:Well i putted the milk in the refr-

[The Phone Rings]

Toad:[Puts it up] Hello? Pairs House,Toad speaking?

ToadsWorth:[From the phone] Toad,Come quick!

Toad:Ok We'll be there! 

[Before Toad can hung up]

Toadsworth:Wait!What is today?



[Toad hungs up]

Toad:Guys,we have to-

[Toad look,they both are gone]

Toad:Well,i guess they left without me [Type in a digit code and goes though a secret door]

[Toad Pops out from underground]

Toad:[Walks in the castle] What's the problem?

Goku:We was waiting on you.

Peach:Someone stole the gold from the castle!

Luigi:How much?

[Peach opens the vault that is empty].

Goku:[Walks in] Oh my!

Toadsworth:We was thinking someone stole it from the roof.

Luigi:That makes sense.

Peach:And i don't know what happen to the guards,4 was knocked out,2 was handcuffed.

[The 2 guard handcuffed together try to unhook the cuffs]

Peach:And one is tied

Guard #1:[Tied] Help?Someone?

Goku:Who you think did this?

Peach:I don't know,i don't really have any enemies,I have a few bowser,Wario,Chichi.


Peach:The koopa brothers,some guy from the mall,Goombas,wow i do have a lot of enemies.

Toad:Who you think is it?

Peach:It Could be anyone for all i know.

Gohan:So it can even be you?princess peach?[Walks up to peach] Or is that your real name!?

Peach:Uh,I'm the victim here.

Goten:Well you should know,brother ,or are you my real brother?

Gohan:You was sounding really strange last week,Where was you august 17!?

Goten:At the park!


Goten:You and videl,make weird noises at night,what are you two doing?

Gohan:That's none of your business!

Goten:Impostor! Get him!

[Goten and gohan goes off screen fighting].

Trunks:Hey knock it off you 2!

[Runs after them].

Goku:So we have to found out.

Peach:Please do.

Toad:Ok let's go.

Luigi:Let's check chichi first.

Trunks:[Off screen]AHH! My arm!

[Luigi opens the door of chichi's resturant].

Luigi:Check for anything suspicious.

Toad:[Check under the tables] Nothing,a clean table with not gum under it.

Goku:[Check a guy's hamburger]Nope,[Eats his hamburger].

Guy:Hey that's mine!

Luigi:[Walks to the counter and takes a seat] Well,chichi you hidden something?

Chichi:Hidden what?

Luigi:The millions of coins missing in the mushroom kingdom castle!


Luigi:It's obvious you did it.


Goku:[Eats a woman's hamburger] Nope.

Woman:[Hits goku with her purse and leaves].


Toad:Luigi it's not her.

Luigi:you did it didn't you!?

[A second later chichi throws luigi out the resturant].

Chichi:And stay out! [Goes back in].

[Goku helps luigi up].

Luigi:Ok it's her.

Toad:Wow else you think it is?

Goku:What about sonic.

Toad/Luigi:[Looks at each other]Nah.

[Wario spys on them from the bushes].

Wario:They'll never found out.

Waluigi:Of course we did it.

[They go back inside the bushes].

[Luigi kicks a trash can].

Toad:Hey,that's littering!

[Luigi looks inside it].

Luigi:Nope nothing.

[Goku looks around].

Goku:Well we checked chichi,we checked bulma,we checked army,but we didn't check sonic.

Toad:I might have an idea.


Toad:One of the koopalings?


Goku:Probably not.

Toad:[Scans the air,his device beeps] Something is around us!

[Goku throws a ki ball upwards it hits something above].

Goku:[Points to a giant cloud] There's something behind that cloud!

Luigi:Let's go!

Toad:Wait,how are we going to get 1,300 feet above the ground?

Luigi:We can find a cannon.

Toad:That will take too long.

Goku:I can carry both of you.

[Toad presses his hat,it turns into a propeller hat,the scene changes toad is flying in the air,goku is carrying luigi].

Goku:Don't worry i won't drop you.

Luigi:I hope you won't.

Toad:I'm starting to see an airship!

[Toad points to the airship appearing in the sky].

Goku:I hope we get there without being noticed.

[A flying koopa flies around,luigi kicks out.]

Goku:What you did that?

Luigi:I thought he was going to attack us.

[They reach the airship.]

Toad:We just got to be very ----

[Luigi trips over a small pipe,falls in a big pipe.]


Goku:Should we go after him?

Toad:Nah,He'll be fine.

[The sound of something dropped is heard.]

Toad:Who's there!? [Pulls out laser gun.]

[Goku gets in a fighting position.]

Goku:Get ready.

[Suddenly,mario walks out,toad fires at him,mario ducks.]


Goku:Mario?What are you doing here?

Mario:Well i found this airship,and i thought it was bowser or something,but none is on this ship,It's empty!


[Luigi hits the ground.]

Luigi:Ugh,where am i?

[Luigi's voice echos.]

Luigi:It's empty in here.

[Luigi Walks around.]


[He bumps into a button,the button,turns on the lights,music is heard,the dance floor lights up.]


[Toad,Mario,and Goku checks everywhere for luigi.]


Toad:Green Hat?


[Toad opens a door,it's a boss stage]

Toad:I'm pretty sure this is where you fight the boss,remember?

Mario:Sure did.

Goku:Hey a throne! [He Sits on it] I'm a king!

Mario:[Bowing] All hail king goku!

Goku:[Puts on a paper crown] Yes!

Toad:Ok that's enough that you too,now where's is luigi?

[Somewhere outside the boss stage,wario pushes a red buttom with a skull on it!]

Wario:Now i better run. [Runs away]

[Alarm rings]

Airship Narrator:Warning,airship is self desruct in 5 minutes!

Goku:Wasn't me this time!

Mario:Bowser might found out that we enter this airship! we better find luig and quick!

[Goku Rips his paper crown apart,they all race out the door]

[Toad,Mario,Goku opens a door,luigi is breakdancing to the music on the dance floor.]


Toad:There you are!


Toad:The ship is about to blow up in 3 minutes! let's go.

Luigi:Aw,but i was going my groove on!

[They run out the door,soon to reach the outside of the airship,suddenly the walls closes,trapping them.]

Mario:Oh no we're trapped!!!

Goku:I'm busting us out!

[Goku makes a hole in the wall to escape]

Luigi:Now let's go!