This is the first episode of the Toad and pan show It was published January 12 ,2014.

Toad & Pan Ep.1

Season 1 Episode 1
Vital statistics
Written by Samantha kelly
Storybroad by Jen Taylor
Directed by Jericho Roundtree
Aired date On Youtude: January 13,2013
Also aired On DvD

Overview Edit

Toad and pan are excited about their new youtude channel.


Major ChararctersEdit

Minior ChararctersEdit


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For the Transcript fo Tnp Episode 1 Click Here


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  • This is the one of the few Episodes where goku don't hug anyone.
  • This is also one of the few Episodes where Luigi doesn't act rude,but he did act stupid.
  • Goofs:In planning Toad was supposed to say Uh F**k i hate you all! then everyone lefted him,but sense this is a teen-kid Friendly he didn't .
  • Goten said No Hamburgers? instead of No Cheeseburgers?,When knuckles give him bad news.
  • This Episode reveals that toad and pan don't really get paid that much but Mr.karbs gets 70% of their pay.
  • This Episode also reveals that only 3 people get paid.
  • If one listen closey you can hear pops playing angry birds.