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    • Benson:And now the first ever cartoon battle!
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  • Marioandgoku

    A New hero!

    December 12, 2013 by Marioandgoku

    Who should be the new hero for the mushroom fighters team?:

    A new hero! Mario Pan Goten Sonic Gohan

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  • Marioandgoku

    I will edit your profile don't worry nothing is going to be erased,i'm just going to edit them so please let me edit your profile!

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  • Marioandgoku

    The episodes

    April 11, 2013 by Marioandgoku

    So every episodes cames i'll write a lastest blog.

    I think the begin was an awesome episode,I  liked the part when toad was chased by the chomp who was chainless,Goku sure can tell a speech Vegeta is awkward,I think my favorite chararcter of this episode was goku.

    This episodes wasn't really that funny there was some funny parts but i think this was the worst episode so far!

    Bowser was awesome at this episode i belive that we should make an Villian of the month award too,Tatanga was being cool i mean he wasn't feeling like doing anything,the really funny part was when goten jumps out the window or when goku scared because chichi was wearing one of those face mask when people sleep,Luigi was really like an minor chararcter in this episode half…

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