Wendy O. Koopa is one of the Koopalings, Wendy is one of the first Nintendo characters to distinguish herself as female by wearing a bow on her hairless head, and the first to do so in a game. 

Wendy Koopa
Her Artwork
Her Artwork
Vital statistics
Position One Of the koopalings
Age 10
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight Never ask a woman about her weight
Alias/Nicknames Unknown
Allies: Koopalings


Bowser Jr


Enemies: Mario


Family: Koopalings [Siblings]

Bowser Father

Bowser Jr [Younger Brother]

Likes: Jewels



Dislikes Unknown
Debut Unknown

Physical DescriptionEdit

She wears a pink polka-dotted bow on her head, large golden bracelets on her arms, a red pearl necklace and high-heeled shoes on her feet. Wendy has big pink lips too, her & Roy wears a pink shell.


She often whines about everything, She also displayed some sort of animosity or even envy towards Peach, Wendy self-proclaims herself as the leader of the koopalings, she's quite bossy and bratty, she is shown having a quick temper, and is so clingy with money and luxury that she set false coins (‘Wendy’s Pennies’) to stop Mario’s advance. She is the fifth oldest of the Koopalings.


She debut in How To Build A House as an minor antagonist, and later appeared in Pie Bros her and Iggy started a shop to trick people into becoming slaves for bowser, but it was foiled. 


  • She is the first female villain in the series.
  • Wendy is the only female in the koopalings.